Progression Project: Photo-story Slideshow.

As part of my Progression Project, one of the requirements is that we produce a slideshow containing the images that we used for our hand in on the previous Photo-Story Module from last semester. Along with this, we are to contain 500 words worth of descriptive text that we feel characterizes the narrative within each of the images that we have provided. We have been given the choice as to how it is to be presented, whether it be a narrative feature story, or an image captioned piece. I have chosen to caption each of my images within the slideshow as I feel this suits my descriptive style and showcases each narrative aspect of my photo-story that I personally feel are not apparent at first glance of each shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1, Job Searching Departure: I felt that the young adult leaving for a train in to the town would be the perfect start as it set the grim tone of the narrative. I told him to walk away from me, as it signified him leaving the previous town to the next in order to seek more job opportunities.

2, Following Through: I followed the young adult around the austere environment, I feel that the positions of the young adult is very natural and somewhat inviting despite the overall outlook of the photographs being rather bleak.

3, Traveling Through Part One: As indicated in the title, it is a two part image of the young adult walking through his unwelcoming surroundings in order to get in to the so-called “busy” part of the town.

4, Traveling Through Part Two: The second part of image, again walking through the scarce location.

5, Chain Smoker: Smoking and drug abuse is often a big aspect to the young culture in this town, and so because of this I wanted to capture smoking in a few of my shots. I think that it signifies the boredom in the younger generations lives around this town, which I can sympathize with, as though this young adult is waiting for something better to come along.

6, Sitting, Waiting, Wishing: Again, this shot shows the aspect of boredom within the town. However with this shot it delves deeper in to searching for something better.

7, Keeping a Look Out: The young adult looking out somberly in to the abysmal town that surrounds him.

8, A Town Called Austerity: This is the town on a so-called “busy” day, the shot indicates the simple attitude that the town has somewhat unwillingly attached itself to in recent years.

9, Closing Down: Through the eyes of the young adult, a pound shop at closing time during its final week in business.

10, Broken Window, Broken Hope: A smashed window in a cafe, it becomes evident to the young adult that people are losing faith in the town itself.

11,  By Any Means Necessary:  Casually asking if there are jobs going around while buying some doughnuts, as though the sugar will sweeten the young adult’s disappointment.

12, Outside Job Centre: First image of the young adult waiting for the job centre to open, the smoke calms his nerves only slightly.

13, Outside Job Centre…15 Minutes Later: The young adult’s patience is running thin, he spits out the smoke to occupy his boredom.

14, Train Track: Arriving back in to the ghostly eerie previous town.

15, Equilibrium: The young adults arrives back in to his home town, still jobless, resulting in an equilibrium by the end of the narrative.


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