Technology Context: Johnny Stiletto “Vintage 80’s: London Street Photography” Review.

As I have chosen the anonymous street photographer Johnny Stiletto as my photographer for my presentation, I felt that it would be useful for me to buy his book collection based on the pictures that he photographed during the 80’s and to then review the book as a whole, writing about it critically and stating how looking at this collection has helped me understand his influences and ideas.

Review: Stiletto’s Vintage 80’s is a delightful addition to the world of street photography. His confidence is uncanny, especially when it comes to trying new and unusual angles and subject matters that most people who have photographed for this particular genre would simply miss. Although a majority of his photographs appear unfocused, Stiletto manages to keep the shots held together with such beautiful composition that depicts moments of history from the 80’s perfectly.

Stiletto explains that his idea for this collection was to simply buy a 35mm camera at the beginning of 1980, and for everyday during this era, to photographed what seemed ‘interesting’ to him. It is something that any photographer can admire as it is pure passion for that of photojournalism, documenting moments in time that would otherwise be lost forever, but isn’t as Stiletto captures these seemingly ordinary moments. The collection of photographs, a few of these including candid shots of  the famous surrealist painter, Francis Bacon, decode the aesthetics and the cultural mindset from this rather historical decade. This can be particularly seen in the photographs that Stiletto shoots that contain newspaper stands with their bold headlines that captured the moments of the 80’s such as the assassination of John Lennon.

Another aspect of this charming collection is that of Stiletto’s captions below his photographs, where he often speaks with much insight of the decade with his own emotional connection and charming humor. It is evident that Stiletto felt so much for his era and what was happening during its time and so it is conveyed in his captions, making the images even more appealing to the viewer.


In conclusion, this is a delightful collection of photography made by the anonymous photographer. It is the perfect example of not only what was consisted in that of the 1980’s with its events and physicality, but also of street photography as it conveys the definition of the documentary and journalistic style that this genre is photography has as well. I feel that this has aided me greatly as it has given me insight in to what Stiletto’s mentality and motives were during this decade, which has also  further shown me his influences through his overview.

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