Technology Context: Images and Videos.

An essential aspect of my presentation if to show work from the artist and photographer that I have chosen. This usually can range from work that was never officially released (i.e. Alan Moore’s fanzines from his teenage years) or work that brought them in to mainstream success. For this post I will picking the images and videos that I feel are relevant for my presentation as they show the work of both artist and photographer productively. It is also essential for my presentation as it shows the viewer the wide range of work that both artists achieved during this time.

Alan Moore:

I have chosen a range of different images and videos to speak about Moore’s work that range from his early fanzines to his critically acclaimed work such as Watchmen. I have also used images from his early life and videos from youtube that demonstrate this. I also feel that they show how he has progressed and what his influences were during this time. For example the Embryo fanzines tend to depict the time of his school years in which he was experimenting with drugs which influenced his take on the world around him at that time, along with his later work such as V for Vendetta in which he voices his beliefs on the Thatcher parliament of the time.



Johnny Stiletto:

As Stiletto has remained an anonymous photographers, it has been challenging to find any other sources from this era or the previous to explain what his influences were at the time. However, it is clear that from recent online interviews and his book collections that his influences were to photograph in a pure photo-journalistic fashion. I will using a video from youtube that shows all of Stilettos work on one video as he took a wide-range of images during this time. The video is a range of his work that went in to his book collection “Vintage 80’s”, it is interesting to see they range of angles and how fearless he felt when going out in to the streets to photograph daily life.


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