Report Writing (Task 4)

The information that I require for my Technology Context module is a wide range of information about my chosen photographer, which happens to be Johnny Stiletto, and my chosen artist, graphic novelist Alan Moore and their work from the 1980’s. I will be needing to find examples of their artistry from this era and research what exactly were the themes and influences on their work at this time, but I should also look in to the world around them when they were producing such work as well; as the probability of such events affecting these artists is high. I should also find out briefly how much their work has influenced future artists and the legacy that they have left with us.

I plan on finding such information by looking at a vast range of resources which will include journals, interviews with the both artists, reading and looking at their art (reading special edition graphic novels such as absolute watchmen), reading blogs and reviews and speaking to fans in order to widen my knowledge of how they were and still are perceived. I also plan to speak to people who were alive during this era, so that I can obtain as much information as possible.The amount of research that I will need for this presentation, I feel, will vastly depend on how much I feel is relevant to the evolution of these artist’s work during this era and that were their influences.

In what order will you arrange it? The arrangement for this presentation should begin with what exactly was happening during my chosen era of the 80’s and move on to the artist’s work and their influences and how they were perceived by critics and the public during this time.


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