Reflective Writing (Task 3)

I have found my research in to my Technology Context Module to be quite informative, the sources that I have been using heavily are mainly video interviews, blogs, exhibition websites and physical copies of journals and special editions of  certain graphic novels. I feel that these are all relevant as part of my research in to this module as they have been helping me gather a wide range of information on graphic novelist and artist Alan Moore (my chosen artist), and London-based street photographer Johnny Stiletto (also my chosen photographer) of the 1980’s.

What I am discovering about these people is also, I feel, highly relevant when looking at the context and the themes and events that were happening during their time when they were producing such works; and possibly even events that go as far as a decade earlier before their work came into context. I think this, especially when looking at the works of Alan Moore during this time, the themes and the artwork that he and other comic book artists were producing captured the essence of uncertainty of what the future had in store, it is evident these questions were being asked due to the recent events of the time, i.e. the cold war and Vietnam. People during this time, I am discovering quite rapidly, still had the ill-feeling of war and democracy from the decade before, and so these ideas were captured in these individual’s work. This idea can definitely be seen in Moore’s artwork and writing in the graphic novel “V for Vendetta”, which heavily discusses the themes of fascism in a modern society; along with Stiletto’s work photographs of street photography around London, they both capture the struggle of the average everyday man and their thoughts and feelings towards a future society. It is something that I feel will help me greatly when it come to eventually putting together my presentation.

Also, in regards to future research which will be required of me in the many module to come, I feel that these resources have helped me to get a better understanding of the artist’s mindset and so I know that I will want to use these research techniques again. These particular techniques include looking at different resources like the those that I have mentioned before, but also speaking to people who I know were experiencing all of this at the time, and fans of their work. My intention with speaking to others was to understand different insights which I feel is key when gathering information for such an obscure subject. I feel that these will help me in future work when in a professional field as I will have the knowledge to obtain a wide range of different information.

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