List Article: Ten Truthful Quotes About Living in the Town of Llandudno.

Ten Truthful Quaotes About Living in the Town of Llandudno.

Is this sleepy sea-side town as nice to live in as it is to visit?

The sleepy sea-side town of Llandudno is famous for its amazing views of the sea and rich Welsh culture. It is home to such landmarks as “The Great Orme Tramway” and on the opposite side its sister landmark “The Little Orme.” However, this might be a lovely visit for tourists but one must question what is it really like to live there? I went to this town and asked ten individuals (who wanted to remain somewhat anonymous and would not let me take photographs of them) what they honestly thought of the town that they live in.

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1. “This is a major eyesore, especially due to the location, it is such a shame as only a few years ago I can remember that it was a thriving, well managed and well maintained hotel. Look at what it has become now, just left to rot, they should either tear it down or renovate it.”

2.“Most people around here can’t afford houses, especially with the prices of homes around the area, and are forced into flats such as these, especially the younger generation. Many young people also get their first start living independently in places like this as the property market is so expensive and tiring these days. ”

3. “I Love it when the lights go up for Christmas, It is something that most people living in Llandudno or close to it look forward to at this time of year. Makes the otherwise bland precinct look almost magical, especially during this time for the day just before its about to get dark.”

4. “I’m a church goer and this is just my favourite church from this area. Many of the churches in Llandudno were built over a hundred years ago and I think that Its nice that the council feel that It is important to maintain the upkeep of such buildings. It has a classic design with its original stained glass windows, such a traditional feel this church has in its architecture.”

5. “One of the many closed shops on the high street. I feel that it is due to the high rental fees for these types of shops and due to the economic recession, it has become very hard for small businesses in recent years. This is unfortunately becoming regularity in the area of Llandudno.”

6.“One of the newest additions to Llandudno is this cluster of shops known as Parc Llandudno; it has created many jobs for the local area and also attracts lots of shoppers. There is never a time in the day when it’s not packed. I also feel that it gives the younger generation something to do with their spare time.”

7. “Local and family owned businesses are in abundance in and around Llandudno, many of these local businesses involve building stuff or adding accessories such as carpets or like the van in the picture you’ve shown me, or kitchens/bathrooms/bedrooms etc.”

8.“The pier in the background is one of the hot spots, especially during the summer for families. The Llandudno pier pavilion still stands but I wish they would get round to doing something with it as it is becoming slightly derelict and deserves better.”

9.“It is disgusting how rubbish is just thrown on the floor. It seems like it’s the teenagers around here who are the cause of so much litter, they don’t seem to care about their environment or the future of it. It would also help if this area was actually being used for something that would benefit the population of Llandudno and not just become a wasteful site.”

10.“I feel that the local council don’t seem to take much notice of vandalised buildings around here. This one has been like this for years and has had nothing done to it, that ‘for let’ sign has been there for years as well and so far no-one has done anything with it, probably due to the vandalism and the amount of work that would be needed to renovate the building.”

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