A Change of Plans…800 Word Article Topic Research.

After much deliberation and looking back at my god awful Halloween photoshoots (very unfocused and blurry), I have decided to change the theme of my intro to photography theme of Halloween to Christmas after asking if i could have it changed. This also means that my 800 word article much change so that I can provide appropriate photographs for the article along with it. So, I have decided that for this theme I will look at the commercialism of Christmas time and how it adds pressure to the public to obtain a rather unrealistic idea of “The Perfect Christmas”.

I have made a mind map of things that I wish to discuss in my article, each point has a number which indicates the priority of what I want to include mostly in the article:

I have also decided to link some articles on the subject of Christmas Commercialism to help me support my point in the Mind Map:

Advent Conspiracy Church Group Fights Christmas Shopping (Time Magazine)

Christmas: A Holiday of Commercialism

Is Christmas Just Big Business?

Is Commercialism Killing Christmas Traditions?

Is Christmas Commercialism Such a Bad Thing?

And finally, like in my previous post, I have created a mood board which I feel represents what I want to touch on in my article:

I feel that the research that I have collected will help me greatly when writing my article as It shows exactly what I want to talk about and the links I have provided have even brought to light other aspects of the commercialism of Christmas that I hadn’t thought about initially when deciding to change my topic. I feel that the pictures I will take will also be similar to those that are in the mood board if not to a better quality.

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