Reflection of Slide-shows and Photo-stories

On the 14th of December, my Intro to Digital Journalism workshop consisted of being introduced to the new way of producing slideshows and photostories through wordpress. Since the format for the upload of slideshows has changed on wordpress; this has resulted in one of our assignments being altered to instead of being a slideshow of our intro to photography work, it is now to be a list article involving those particular shots to create a list article as an alternative. The second part of our workshop was to look at the production of these list articles and photostories, which usually consist of a strong call of action which fulfills a reader’s need. An example of this would be articles such as “9 Ways to Keep the Pounds Off”; which was published by Men’s Health. These certain kinds of articles usually have eye-catching titles that contain tips or instructions, making them often very practical. Although they often can include short paragraphs of information that readers might not know; making them packed with few frills and centering on readers with short attention spans. We were also shown why list articles are often very easy to pitch to online sites as they are quick and pinpoint exactly what the article is about to the reader so they know what to expect.

After this, we were asked to create our own list articles. I decided that I would pick something that I know a great deal about and so I chose to do a list article on the 10 greatest comic book characters of all time. As I already know about the characters I chose, I found this task to be fairly quick and simple to produce without any difficulty at all. I found the workshop as a whole to be very informative and possibly something that I would pitch to a site in the future.


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