Reflection on Shutter Speed

Last week, my Introduction to Photography lecture was based on Shutter Speed. Shutter Speed controls how long the aperture is open for, and the amount of light reaching the film or light sensor. We were told that it is measured in fractions of a second, and so were shown the fractions until it reaches the term “Bulb” which dates back to when the first cameras were produced and were had shutter speed. We were also informed that shutter speed can be either technical or mechanical. Along with also being shown the different effects we could obtain through the different motions of shutter speed. These included “Capturing Motion”, “Freezing Motion (Fast Shutter” and”Blurring Motion”. Finally we were shown photographs that demonstrated the idea of “Panning and Zooming” shutter speed, which is where no object in the photograph is particularly focused and gives off an almost blurred motion.

I found this lecture like always to be very useful. Although I’m still not entirely sure I’ve grasped the understand of shutter speed, I know that through practice I will be able to use this technique effectively as I will be using it on my “Tropical World” project.

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