Reflection on Lenses

On the 11th November, my Introduction to Photography Lecture was based on learning the different kinds of Lenses that can be used in Photography. We were introduced to the types of lenses that we can use to create certain kinds of photographs; these included “Fish Eye (Ultra Wide Angle)”, “Wide Angle”, “Telephoto” and “Macro”. We also shown the different focal lengths for each lens. Again we were shown how these lenses can be used to create depth of field and be used for a number of ranges of photography, especially that of journalism as all the lenses contain a certain idea of storytelling.

As I do not own any lenses other than the basic lens that I bought with my new DSLR camera, I was not able to take any practice shots we were asked to take. However, I was able to help others in my class with theirs and take some shots using their lenses. This has shown me that I must hire some other lenses, especially seeing as one of my projects is to photograph a sporting event using different lenses.

Here is an example as a type of lens I could use for this project:

Shot of Bird using Telephoto Lens


Looking back, I feel that this lecture has proven to again be very useful to my understanding of the techniques that are required in photography. I feel that I will definitely use these types of lenses in the near future with upcoming projects and modules as well.


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