Reflection for Aperture

On the 3rd November, my Introduction to Photography lecture consisted of learning the technique that is Aperture. Aperture, in the photographic sense, is the diameter of the aperture stop or the opening of itself inside a camera. It can be adjusted and controls the amount of light that is exposed to the film or image sensor and behaves much like the iris in an eye. The aim of this lecture was to show the class how we could use aperture to our own advantage and use the technique for future use with a camera, supposedly for future and current projects. We were also shown how to create aperture using different shutter speeds and f-stops.

As I have already taken Photography for A-Level, I have used to aperture numerous times to create images that contain “depth of field”; which is where the camera focuses on one particular object in the shot and creates an almost blurred affect on the rest of the objects in the shot and it controls the amount of light passing through. So I have a fairly savvy understanding of how to use the technique.

After the slideshow was shown, we were asked to take some shots using aperture and upload them on to the facebook page. Since I had bought a new DSLR camera and this was the first time I was using it, it took some time before I could grasp the creation of this technique with my camera. I found however that the demonstration where we were shown through a live view of the camera how to adjust the settings to create this technique during the lecture to be quite useful and so I was not troubled by the problem I had too much.

Overall, I found the lecture on Aperture to be useful. Even though I have already studied most of the techniques that I have covered in my Introduction to Photography Module including Aperture, I feel that it is healthy as a photographer to recap on the basic skills that create techniques in shots.


Toy Stall found at the German Market in Leeds City Centre, using Large Depth of Field

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