Assignment Development Ideas, Mind Map,Links and Mood Board.

As part of my Introduction to Digital Journalism Module, I have been set the task to write an 800 word article based on the themes we have been given for our Introduction to Photography module. We must write in a journalistic approach, which also must reflect the shots we have taken for the theme we have chosen to discuss. For this, I have chosen to base my article on the theme of “Halloween”. I decided that my idea for this article would be to explore the idea of binge drinking throughout national holidays, to not only unveil the physical transformation (due to lots of unsightly make-up or monster masks), but also the mental and emotional transformation someone has in personality when under the influence of alcohol. As a student living in the city of Leeds, I am often encouraged by peers and club promoters that any excuse for a drink is a good one at that.However, does this mean that any holiday, whether it be Halloween or Christmas, is the perfect excuse to binge on alcohol and put an individual in such a naive state?

Firstly, in order to answer these questions that have been in the back on my mind since I had this idea, I must devise some research as to what exactly it is I am going to discuss in detail. For this i have decided to draw a mind map of things I feel are apart of this matter and go under this category perfectly.

Here are a few of the ideas that came across my mind when putting together my mind map:

Each point on the mind map is numbered due to priority, I have done this so that I can structure my article through these numbered points.

The second part of my research is to find links that appeal to my article that have inspired me to write about this theme. Here are the following links that I feel have helped me with my research:

Huffington Post Article on Binge Drinking on Haloween, dated 02/11/11

Drink Think Project Homepage, contains posters based on alcohol during Halloween


BBC Article on Halloween Commercialism

Binge Drinking Wiki Page

Binge Drinking Holidays

I shall add more if i can find anymore articles that touch on this theme!

Finally, I was asked to produce a Mood Board based on images and texts that I find inspired me to choose this topic. I feel that these images are also relevant to my research and my understanding on this topic.

Finally, I was asked to produce a Moodboard that was based on images that I find are relevant to the topic that I want to discuss.


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