Reflection of Writing for Online Prt.1

During this week’s Introduction to Digital Journalism, we were introduced to the writing style of online journalism. Here, we were shown what the structure of online journalism consists of. The idea was the show us how to write quick, short but relevant paragraphs of information as we were told that a majority of readers do not read the entire article, they only scan through and read certain parts and quotes.

We were then asked to write an article in this particular style with the choice of three topics to choose from. The one I chose was to write about the permanent memorial for Sir Jimmy Saville that is to be placed in Leeds, his home city. We then had to embed a video that we thought was relevant to the topic. I found writing to article quite challenging as I couldn’t come to grips with the idea of writing so little and being incredibly decisive as to what information I thought was relevant; due to being so used to having a writing style that would usually be much longer. It wasn’t the fact that I couldn’t decide what to put in and not to put it, but I felt like I had to dumb myself down a little in order to understand the concept. Eventually however, after some time I did manage to publish an article that I thought was satisfactory and relevant to the task at hand.

Overall, I feel that this was a definite challenge for me; but I am sure that through much needed practice I will come to terms with this style and future posts will be of a much higher standard.


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