Reflection of Tweaking WordPress

On the 3rd October, during my Introduction to Digital Journalism, we were shown the different ways in which we could use our blogs to share posts and information for our online portfolios. We were also shown the difference of making a page and a post, how to categorize our posts so when viewing the blog it would be easier to search for specific posts and using widgets.

The idea of this was to show us that we could make our blogs as individual and interesting as we chose, and to organize anything that we published so that a viewer would be able to find certain posts and pages accordingly. I found this to be very useful as I am sure that I will use these techniques to my advantage in future posts. I think that it also shows order and organisation in a blog. I think that the slideshow was very useful and it helped me to create my pages and posts without any difficulty.

Overall, this is a technique that I know that I will use in future posts on my blog and something that will not only be easy to do publish but will be enjoyable as well.


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