Reflection of Impact to Digital Journalism

On the 17th October, my Introduction to Digital Journalism lecture was based on 21st Century Journalism and how the digital side has made such an impact on the media. We were shown the harsh reality that printed journalism has been, if not eventually, wiped out due to the pressure that papers have had to become available online.

It was a real eye opener as I’m sure most people in the group had assumed that they would be working purely printed newspapers and magazines once they had finished their education. We also looked at the most visible effects of technology on journalism, these included: Teleworking, Self Publication, Hyperlocality, Convergence and Social Media.

I found that looking at all these different effects of technology on journalism has made me realise that there is a huge variety to sharing all kinda of information through this particular format. It is as thought the idea of printed media is going to be dead and gone in the next few years looking at the ways in which media is growing. Am I happy or unsettled by this idea, I’m not entirely sure, it is amazing how much information we can share with the world just by using technology; but the question is when are we sharing too much or too little? I’m positive that in the next few months I am sure to find out.

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