Reflection of Optimizing Images for Online Use

This week in my Digital Journalism Lecture, we were introduced to idea of “Web Image Formats” and how they apply to digital journalism. There are numerous ways to format images, the usual ones that most people use are GIF(Graphic Image Format), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert’s Group), BMP (Bitmap Image File) and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format). All of these formats, as we were shown, have many advantages and disadvantages to them, we were told that it was up to us how we share our information through our blogs and in the industry.I found it incredibly interesting as it widened my own ideas of how I want to share information with the public not only in the field but in general life.

We were set a range of tasks that were to show us how to embed pictures, captions and videos on to our personal blogs.  The idea of this lecture was to show that their are a range of ways to share information on our blogs, not just through the traditional written blog posts.

I found this lecture to be quite useful, as I feel that this is going to help me a lot in the future for when I want to post my assignment photographs on to my blog. The first assignment that I have been given is to take shots of artificial light based on the theme of “Halloween”, and to eventually write an article based of the shots i have taken; (that’s where the journalism part comes in!) My idea is to write an article based on the idea that most people think of Halloween as being simply another excuse to go out and get completely wasted! I want to write about how not only do people transform from physically into a scary costume, but also in personality due to drinking too much. I think its something that i’ll be able to write a great deal about as its something that I’ve had to get used to since moving to University. It is a concept that until now has been completely alien to my way of living and so should be interesting to explore.


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