This week I couldn’t make it to my Intro to Photography lecture, due to a delivery that I had to be present for when it arrived; and so as an alternative I continued with my planning of my first assignment as I have mention in a previous blog. I’ve decided that the best time to take photographs is on the weekend  and on Monday when i’m sure a large number of people will be out in full costume as there are a number of events going around in Leeds based on Halloween. The idea (if it all works out accord to my plan) is that I’ll be photographing my friends while they are putting on their halloween costumes and throughout the night as they get drunk and get up to their usual drunken antics. I think this is an original idea as it shows the true embodiment of what a person is like when they go out on halloween and how it is merely in this day an age an excuse to get drink and act stupidly. It makes me think to myself whatever happened to just trick’ or treating?!

Also, this week I went home and photographed the natural lighting around where I live. Luckily back home the weather was incredibly pleasant and so I got some fantastic shots of my garden, I felt that they were good examples of front, side and back lighting.


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