Reflection of Foundation Project Prt. 2

Over the past week my group and I have been working towards finishing our foundation group project where we have had to create a “Zine” upon the subject of “Food and Decay”, along with producing a stand along  personalized article based on our “Hopes and Fears”. During this time we have been working on the layout and text in both articles; as I had finished both texts, I was simply designing the layout for my page using Adobe Illustrator.

The idea of using Adobe Illustrator was to have the final outcome looking exactly like a typical “Zine” in style and layout. The positive side to this idea was that in the future we will be able to enhance our skills by using this program; the negative however was that the program, if not used before, deemed quite difficult to grasp an understanding of. For me this was the exact problem, I have never used Illustrator before and so I spent many an hour searching for tutorials online. Eventually however, I finished the layout with both my pictures and my text in the zine format. By Wednesday I had fully finished my Foundation Project, with only a few corrections to make.

This task has taught me to not be intimidated by programs and formats that I have up to this point never used; It has also taught me about working in a group efficiently and to always speak my mind if I feel a plan has not been made clear. Overall, I would say that I have worked hard on this project and that I am happy with the results, I hope that this is evident in the final outcome.

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