Reflection of Foundation Project

Over the past two weeks, my group and I have been working towards finishing our Foundation project; this has consisted of making a “Zine” about two topics based on a list of words that we were given. The second part of this is to produce a article entitled “Hopes and Fears” in which we are to write about ourselves and introduce what we want to achieve in life as well as what we fear might happen.

The importance of this foundation project is like the induction task where we work together to produce something that also highlights our photographic and journalistic talents however, this project should be produced to a much higher quality as it must be submitted as a PDF file.As this project is to produce a “Zine”, the skills that we are acquired to use would be that of photographic, technologic and journalistic.

So far in this project, we have not encountered many problems. This could be due to each member writing about a particular type of article within our chosen words of “Food” and “Decay”. Within these words we have chosen to discuss the controversial issues of fast food and waste as well highlighting what a healthy diet is and how to prevent waste. So far, I have already produced my article where I will be discussing the vast difference between fast food advertisements to the real deal of a fast food meal; as well as writing about my time where I was on the diet eating at least one fast food meal per day. I have writing this article fairly straight forward to write as I have already touched on this matter during my time doing A Levels. The shots that I have taken to accompany this article I feel prove the injustice that comes with the fantasy and the reality of fast food. Overall I am happy with my progress and I hope I continue to produce my work as quickly as I have with this project.

What I have to do next with this project is to create my article and shots into a PDF file and formulate it in to that of a “Zine” style page using Adobe Illustrator.


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