Induction Task

During the Thursday of my induction week in Photographic Journalism, I was given the task along with the members of my group to photograph certain statues around the Leeds city centre. This sounds simple enough, but the catch was however that we had to photograph these certain things with the camera on our mobile phones. This I have to say, filled me with dread as my phone’s camera is awful but I was up for the challenge.

The importance of this task was initially to integrate each member within the community of our course, not only to photograph the objects with thoughtfulness and insight  but to practice using minimal equipment and then producing our work within a short amount of time.I felt that it was a skill that I would be able to use in future occasions as this particular skill is crucial to any photojournalist.

Although this task seemed to be relatively straightforward, within my group we did encounter a number of problems. The first was finding the objects around the city, to solve this we decided that we would interpret the objects in our own way. For example, we were asked to photograph “a woman holding a torch” and so a member of our group was photographed with a torch as a opposed to the statue of the woman holding a torch that lies in the city centre that we were unable to find.  Another problem that we encountered was uploading the shots on to the photographic journalism page through our phones, as the internet connection where we were situated was weak. In the end we had to only upload a few of our shots. I feel now that this was a shame as we took some interesting shots and if we had more time we could have uploaded some of our best shots. Overall I feel that this task proved effective when it came to integrating all members of the course however not as effective on the creative aspect of the task.

After this task, we have been asked to produce a foundation project in the same groups in the style of a “Zine”; hopefully this time we will be able to show just how creative and talented we are!


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