This week I couldn’t make it to my Intro to Photography lecture, due to a delivery that I had to be present for when it arrived; and so as an alternative I continued with my planning of my first assignment as I have mention in a previous blog. I’ve decided that the best time to take photographs … More Reflection

Reflection of Optimizing Images for Online Use

This week in my Digital Journalism Lecture, we were introduced to idea of “Web Image Formats” and how they apply to digital journalism. There are numerous ways to format images, the usual ones that most people use are GIF(Graphic Image Format), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert’s Group), BMP (Bitmap Image File) and TIFF (Tagged … More Reflection of Optimizing Images for Online Use


This week in my Photojournalism Ethics lecture we were shown a slideshow containing photographs of women from various different mediums of life. The idea of this slideshow (which was based on feminist views) was to make the students think about the ethics that come with being a photojournalist and just how far we would or should go … More Reflection

Induction Task

During the Thursday of my induction week in Photographic Journalism, I was given the task along with the members of my group to photograph certain statues around the Leeds city centre. This sounds simple enough, but the catch was however that we had to photograph these certain things with the camera on our mobile phones. … More Induction Task